Good morning Shinhwa 2309



15 year veterans with the humbleness of rookies.

Definitely…. details like that makes me fall in love with Shinhwa each day!!!

Cute minwoo~

Cute minwoo~


What The Shinhwa Members Think About Each Other
- translation credit: malpabo


When Shinhwa members fall in love with the same person, this is how they solve the problem.

This is the performance during ‘AN ACQUAINTED GUY (아는 남자)’

The moment I saw you, I fell for you
The moment I ran into you at the cafe,
I went blank
I couldn’t tell my friends,
I didn’t tell them
That she already has a man
There’s another guy next to you,
Someone who isn’t me
You will probably tell him you love him
Even though you got a boyfriend I don’t care

credit video: misato.1002


130601 Minwoo leaving Music Core  |  Credit: 시나서유

Woooo Wooo!!!! Sooo freaking sexy!!!

I do adore this Perfect man!!!

Good morning Shinhwa 2109

Shinhwa’s Love letters? O.o


Because idols do so much, it’s funny when you find random things like this. I also have to say that I’m surprised that soompi was founded in 1998. I always thought it was founded earlier because the founder was a fan of H.O.T.

About this article, I peg it as being published in 98 although the site doesn’t show exactly which magazine it is from. Seeing all the lingo in this fan translation makes me smile :)

Thinking about it now… do magazines aimed at teens still exist in the age of the internet?

Click below to read the article (cr: soompi.com)


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